Cool Pearls of Wisdom — Get ‘Em While They’re Hot


I’ve signed on to give the Keynote Speech at the upcoming Push to Publish Conference, hosted by Philadelphia Stories. They have no idea what they’ve gotten themselves into.

“Just give them some tips,” was their innocent request.

Anyone who knows me can testify that unsolicited advice is my MO, my raison d’être, the joie of my vivre. And so the old chestnuts will be profferred, (e.g., lotto motto, it’s only postage, and desk drawer), but thrown into the mix will be a smattering of new and surprising extras guaranteed to blow the audience away.

Sneak Preview: Call your mother.

It’s going to be off the hook. Or the chain. Or whatever kids these days say.

Push to Publish 2009: Strategies and Techniques to Get Your Work in Print and Online at Rosemont College, Rosemont, PA on October 17, 2009, 9 am to 5 pm.