“Black, White, Other is an example of how we can talk about race with feeling, humor, and dignity.” – The New York Times

“No book is more likely to force a reader to confront his beliefs about race than this one.” – The Buffalo News

“Funderburg lets her subjects ask–and answer–the controversial, touchy questions that many wonder but few dare to pose.” – Indianapolis Star

In 1994, this collection of oral histories made its mark by being the first book to ask black/white biracial people to speak for themselves on matters of race and identity.  For better and worse, it continues to be a relevant and seminal resource in discussions of race in America. Now available in in an updated, expanded 20th anniversary edition, featuring a no-false-idols foreword from novelist Mat Johnson (Pym, Incognegro, Loving Day), high-res photos, and surprisingly tech-friendly updates, bells, and whistles. Sample the eBook here or buy the 20th anniversary paperback here, here, or here.

What BWO Interviewees Say Today

What has made Black, White, Other resonate so deeply — for so long and with so many — is the chorus of harmoniously dissonant voices that fill its pages. On the occasion of the ebook’s release, the author has begun to track down BWO alum and ask them to comment on what has (or has not) changed since she interviewed them in the early 1990s. Here, once again, they speak for themselves (click on each image to hear from the person):

John Blake wrote a book called, "Children of the Movement" Pam Austin Lalou Dammond still lives in New York, now with her husband and two daughters. In 2005, Greg Wolley founded the African American Outdoor Association.
Sallyann Hobson has retired to her father's hometown in NC, where she's doing extensive genealogical research. Mark Durrow Heidi Durrow cofounded the annual Mixed Roots Film & Literary Festival. Michael Mayson and his son, Ellis, contemplating the big questions
Bernette Ford says that now, as a six-and-a-half year breast cancer survivor, breast cancer research and support of breast cancer patients is more important to her than anything else. ankahflymodeldress DSCN0223
Larene LaSonde
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