2016 Japan Writers Conference Coming Soon!

To all my new writer friends in Japan, you might want to check out this upcoming conference, October 29 and 30, to be held at Tokushima University. Free and open to anyone wishing to attend, it offers workshops, panels, and some (not free) social gatherings that involve food and drink.  The wise and generous John Gribble is one of the coordinators, and here is information directly lifted from the conference site, which can be accessed here:


From the conference website:

This year’s Conference will be October 29 and 30, 2016 at Tokushima University, in the city and prefecture of Tokushima on Shikoku island.


There will be approximately 30 sessions addressing topics of interest and concern to writers, editors, translators and all others concerned with the written and published word. These will include workshops, discussions, craft and marketing talks, and readings. More than that, this has become an annual gathering of the writing community in Japan and attracts attendees and presenters from overseas. While primarily an English-language event, the Conference has an “open door” policy. All who wish to participate are welcome.


Although off the beaten path, Tokushima University is reasonably accessible, an hour and a half by bus from Kobe  and a short bus ride from the Awa Odori Airport. Tokushima is a city with a rich literary heritage and offers nature and both traditional and modern culture. The Conference will be held in Tokushima University’s brand new Glocal Building and  hosted by Suzanne Kamata.


As in the past, the Conference will be free and open to all who wish to attend. This is possible because all the presenters and organizing staff volunteer their time and talent, and the use of the site is donated by the hosting institution.

The call for proposals is now open. For future reference, the guidelines for submissions are here.


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For questions or to receive more information, email gribblej”at” (change to “@”)gol.com

John Gribble

Bern Mulvey

Co Co-ordinators,

 Japan Writers Conference