Lise Funderburg is an award-winning writer, editor, and writing instructor based in Philadelphia. Her work spans a wide range of topics, including race and integration; food; aging and eldercare; gardens and landscape design; nontraditional families; thrift-shopping; and elephants. Also architecture. Also hospice and palliative care. Also design. Also the domestic arts.

photo by Tigist Tsegie
Waiting for the coffee beans to roast. Addis Ababa, 2010.       Photo: Tigist Tsegie


Just watched HRC/DJT debate from Kyoto hotel room. She gets big points 4 staying focused and not rising/sinking to his bait/vitriol/bs.
- Tuesday Sep 27 - 1:28pm

Walk With Me Trailer #thichnhathanh
- Friday Sep 9 - 1:41pm

When News of a Suicide Comes During Memoir Class via @lithub
- Friday Sep 9 - 11:26am

Thanks, Obama...I mean, Wells Fargo. #shamaccounts h
- Thursday Sep 8 - 8:26pm

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