Lise Funderburg is an award-winning writer, editor, and writing instructor based in Philadelphia. Her work spans a wide range of topics, including race and integration; food; aging and eldercare; gardens and landscape design; nontraditional families; thrift-shopping; and elephants. Also architecture. Also hospice and palliative care. Also design. Also the domestic arts.

photo by Tigist Tsegie
Waiting for the coffee beans to roast. Addis Ababa, 2008.       Photo: Tigist Tsegie


Do these 10 things, and Trump will be toast, via @mmflint
- Wednesday Feb 22 - 1:59pm

- Wednesday Feb 22 - 1:56pm

Congress must reject any budget that eliminated funding for the arts and humanities. Sign the petition here:
- Saturday Feb 18 - 6:45pm

How do I feel about sending this off? Mixed. @ Mount Airy, Philadelphia
- Thursday Feb 16 - 2:24pm

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